Teaser #4

Okay.  Been busy, but wanted to post a small bit here.  Loving the way the story is coming together.

"Weeks went by and it was more of the same.  Occasionally, Jake would meet me for a morning run.  It was nice.  We would end our run with coffee or breakfast before heading home.  We had gotten to be really good friends and I was getting accustomed to his compliments and even shared a few of my own with him.  He had a way of making me laugh as I would listen to him talk about life after college and what he had experienced.  He was a well rounded, amazing man.  I never knew all the places he had traveled after we all graduated.  Jake was rapidly become one of my very best friends."

Teaser #3

Weeks passed and summer was coming to a close.  The kids were excited about their new school.  We were all so happy to know that the weather would still be a constant tropical paradise no matter the time of the year.  Claire and I had helped each other unpack the last of our boxes and were settled into a good routine.  Deciding to throw one more party before school started, Rob  and I had Jake, Claire, their kids and all our neighbors over for dinner, dancing and some pool fun.  I had food catered so that I could truly enjoy everyone at the party without running all around.  We ate, drank and cleared the outdoor patio for dancing.  It was perfect!  Even the guys got a little crazy dancing.
Rob came up behind me at one point and circled his arms around my waist, whispering in my ear, "What a great party, babe!  I love you!" With a huge smile, I turned around and kissed my sweet husband long and hard, our tongues searching each others mouths.

Suddenly, I heard cheering, clapping and whistling.  I was so lost in the moment with my man, that I'd forgotten everyone else.  Not being one to get too embarrassed, i turned and curtsied as rob held up both hands like he'd scored a touchdown!  The crowd of friends laughed!  I glanced over to Claire and Jake.  She clapped and laughed, but he had a strange look on his face, almost a frown.  When I smiled one of my biggest smiles at him and shrugged innocently, he laughed and shook his head.


This book is based on true events that happened....back in the late sixties.  I, however, have created the same the events in today's time.....some 40 years later with all our technology and advances.

Kaye....on Jake

Jake and I were close friends in college.  We always had a connection...the four of us did for sure.  Jake was a wonderful friend.  We never dated, though.  It just didn't feel right.  I found Rob and fell head over heels and never looked back.

Things seemed different now.  He was absolute perfection.  'Tall dark and handsome' fit him to a tee.  He had short brown hair and blue eyes that just seemed to bore into your soul.  Every look he gave me was as if he was saying he adored me.  It was unnerving at first.  But, quickly became one of the things I loved about him .  We had a silent conversation with our eyes every time we were in a room together.
Things were different now.  I couldn't wait to see him every day.

Jake.....on Kaye


I loved her very much.  I knew from our first meeting in college that we had a connection.  She was a terrific wife, mother and friend. Kaye was tall and slim with long brown hair and big beautiful blue eyes.  She was the kind of woman that radiated beauty.

My heart raced when she walked into the room.  She always had a smile on her face; a gorgeous smile with perfect teeth.  I couldn't help but to stare at her.  It looked as though her eyes would light up when she saw me too, but it might have been my imagination.  I loved her sense of humor.  We truly enjoyed each others company.  It was getting more and more difficult to hide my feelings about Kaye from my wife.

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Made it through one of the hardest parts of the book.  I'm proud of the product, but sad to get to this point.  I feel drained.  Ready for my vacation with my loving husband!

Climax...of sorts

So, tonight I'm writing a HUGE part of the story......not just the climax, but a very emotional part of the true story.  Stuck a bit.  How would you feel if your spouse got another person pregnant or you were pregnant with another man's child?

The beginning....

Well, I'm so excited to be sharing some writing with others.  This is my first novel and has been a labor of love.  I'm hoping to have it completed before June.  I am 3/4 the way done and still need to edit it.  I hope you will all enjoy it.  :)
I'll be posting teasers and other comments on here as I get ready to publish it on Smashwords.

It is based on a true story.....with fictional parts added, of course.  Some of the very detailed portions of the story are not known.  But, it is a love story full of raw feelings, heartache and betrayal.