Oh, my!

A little bit more...... 

"I moved outside to lay in the sun.  I thought it might help to cleanse my thoughts.  As I laid on the lounge chair by the pool, I heard the doorbell ring.  Not expecting anyone, I curiously made my way across the great room.  Opening the door, I was stunned to find Jake there staring at me.  He grabbed me suddenly and kissed me sweetly, gently on the lips.  Pulling back as we walked through the threshold, I looked at him and said, "What are you doing? This is wrong."

"Nothing is wrong, except that you're not mine.  I need you.  I can't deny this anymore.  I want to be yours.  I want to hold you, love you, take you away somewhere."

I was stunned.  I had so many feelings about what had been happening between the two of us, but didn't even know where to begin to sort it out."

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