For you.....

Hmm.....who could it be, her husband or her lover.....

"I awoke with a sudden start.  I felt a brush against cheek and down my neck.  It was so dark in the room.  I sensed him first, then smelled that delicious smell that I knew so well.  My man was here.  Glancing at the clock, I say it was 4am.
"Hi, baby!  I did my best to get here to you.  I missed you."  His voice sounded exhausted.
I grabbed his face and pulled him into me.  I was so glad he was here.  I threw my legs across him and held his body to mine.  Immediately, he started kissing me.  At first it was a soft, gentle kiss.  I wanted more.  I used my tongue to part his lips and he welcomed the invasion.  Kissing me passionately, he whispered, "Well, someone sure did miss me."  We both giggled as he continued to kiss me.
I rubbed his back with my hand and started lifting his shirt up over his head.  Our lips only broke contact long enough for me to pull his shirt over his head.  He was rubbing his hands up and down the length of my body.  He grabbed the end of my tank top and began lifting it over my head."

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