Available for purchase!

Paradise Taken     by CM Hutton 

Go buy it on Smashwords, Kindle or Nook!  :)

"Paradise Taken"

Yep, that's the title!  It will be available by July 4th!  Check it out on  my Facebook page.

It's finished!

Well, I'm done with the book!  So nervous to put it all out there.  Having a pro take a look at the editing and then releasing it on Smashwords.  I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for following me and being patient. :)

Closer and closer

Cover reveal and title by next week!  So excited to be getting closer to publishing.  :)

I've edited half the book.  Need to finish the last half and then it's ready to go!

Here's a little tidbit.......

"His soft, full lips consumed me.  I could feel the fire raging through my entire body.  Stunned for several seconds, I just stood there.
Slowly, all the feelings I’d been trying to suppress the last week began to emerge.  I wrapped my hands around his neck and matched his passionate kiss.  Etta James was singing At Last on the stereo and we slowly started to sway.  Our lips never parted.  In that moment, I didn't care that I was standing in broad daylight in my backyard."