Want a little something from my new book?

This is NOT part of book #2 of "Paradise Taken."
This is a brand new standalone book I'm working on.....

Chapter 1 – Jen
I hated going to these stupid functions!  Weird guys with slicked-back hair and way too much cologne on gave me the creeps.  If it weren’t for my boss, I wouldn’t be here.  But, when he asked me to come in his place while he was gone out of the country, I couldn’t say no.  He’d never asked me to go to anything in his place, so I saw this as a positive sign that he was beginning to have confidence in me and my abilities.  Hell, I’d only worked for the crazy bastard for six years!  It was about time he recognized my strengths.


I noticed him walking toward my table, impassive face and stiff body language.  I was hoping he would pass on by because as good looking as he was, he looked like a total ass and I didn’t want to be stuck with a pompous jerk for the evening.  But, as luck would have it, he sat down directly across from me with barely a nod of acknowledgement.  Wow, how did this guy get a job in marketing?  What does he sell….sticks to shove up assholes?  That made me almost laugh out loud.  Nice one, Jen!  I silently patted myself on the back.  


Chapter 2 - Rylan
She was very beautiful.  I hadn’t seen her at any of the dinners before.  I found her sitting at the same table with me.  When she looked straight at me, I froze not knowing what to say.  Thankfully, some of the awkwardness went away as soon as Jim showed up and began his inquisition, taking her focus off me. 
I listened intently all evening to learn more about her.  What I learned was that she worked for a rival ad agency and had impeccable people skills.  She didn’t skip a beat keeping up with all the macho crap at our table and I was pretty impressed. 
She looked close to my age and judging by her conversation with Jim Davis, she was well educated and worked hard.  Knowing Michael like I did, he'd obviously seen her talent and respected her abilities enough to send her in here with all these sharks.   
I sat quietly most of the night, as usual.  I rarely saw a need in mindless, meaningless conversation anymore.  It served no purpose to me even though I did enjoy listening to it.  It occupied my mind and kept me focused on the present…on life.  



Anonymous said...

Cool! Can't wait. What about book 2?

CM Hutton said...

Book #2 is still "under construction." I want it to be just right for you fans. I'm hoping for a December release date. :)