Loving Her Synopsis

Synopsis - Loving Her

Boring, but completely gorgeous.  That was my first impression of him.  My next two thoughts were ‘pompous ass’ and ‘cocky jerk.’  And, I had the glorious pleasure of sharing a table with him for the entire night.  He didn’t speak, didn’t grunt….he just nodded and stared.  If I weren’t taking my bosses place at this dinner, I’d have found another place to sit and escape Rylan Daniels.

‘Absolutely beautiful’ was what I thought when I found her at my table at the Ad Execs quarterly dinner.  She wore a black strapless dress and exuded confidence from every part of her.  I nodded to her, but didn’t speak.  I really didn’t have much to say anyway. 
I couldn’t quit staring and had to excuse myself at one point to stand across the room and watch her.  It was a strange, unwelcome feeling I was having about this stunning woman. 
It had been five years….five years since Kristen…..and I still couldn’t move on.  That kind of hurt you just don’t get over so easily and I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to get over it.  But, here I was, completely intrigued and unable to stop thinking about Jen Bailey.

New Books!

Okay, so the new book I'm working on is a standalone book that I think you'll really like.  No cliffhangers!  It is called "Loving Her" and should be done by my birthday.....guess when that is?!?!  :)

I'll post a synopsis sometime this week, hopefully.

Book #2 of "Paradise Taken" should be done by January.  It's Jake's voice, not his POV.  It's him from the last few chapters of Book #1 and finishing the story.  It's been an emotional labor of love writing both "PT" books....especially Jake's.  I hope you like how it ends.

Title coming soon!

As always, thank you for reading and taking a chance on me! 

Music to write to....

I just love to listen to Erick Baker when I write my stories.  He is soulful and gentle and it helps me to connect with my characters.  Thank you, Erick, for your sounds, your words and your gentle caress as I pour out my characters' feelings onto paper.  Love it!!!!

Happy Labor Day!

I spent my weekend writing and hanging out with family! I love how the books are coming along!  I'll try to post a new teaser for Jake next week.  ;)

By the way.....the 50 Shades actors have been cast!  Whatcha think?