I may need therapy!

So, I check my Amazon ratings a lot! I think I might have an issue. I'm addicted to the numbers. Canada seems to love me best....hmm! Should I be worried? I'm sure I need therapy! ;)

New Friends and Followers Giveaway!

Giveaway raffle contest starts tomorrow and goes through next week. Giving away 10 - $10 Amazon Gift Cards!!! Winners will be picked and announced November 8th! Good Luck! (scroll down)


Hi! I haven't forgotten about you! I'm thinking of the best way to have my special giveaway....number of friends, number of followers, Amazon reviews....hmmm..... The prize , you ask? How about some Amazon Gift Cards? Yes, more than one.....


I might just need to treat some of you to a prize! Thinking....thinking....

Overwhelmed....in a good way!

I love all the comments and feedback about "Loving Her!" Thank you to those of you who have taken the chance on my books! My fans are the BEST!!!!

It's live!

"Loving Her" is live on Smashwords tonight and on amazon tomorrow! Eeeppp! So excited! I hope you love Jen and Rylan as much as I do!

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Join our Book Blitz on October 21st for "Loving Her." 


October 15th!

I'm excited to announce that "Loving Her" will be out on October 15th!  I am joining Good Choice Reading Blog for a one day Book Blitz/Highlight for "Loving Her" and there will be some cool giveaways!  Stay tuned!  ;)