New Edition

So, Amazon is telling me it might take a few weeks to let everyone know that I made a few changes to "Loving Her" and to extend a free copy to all who have already purchased it. I will personally send you a copy if the current copy you have as of RIGHT NOW (11/27) is the original! Just email me.!!!!! No need to return...I can make it happen here. Love you all!!! :)


The revised, updated, slightly more detailed "Loving Her" will be available this week!  Paperbacks too!  :)
If you've already purchased it, there will be a free link to upload the revised copy!  

I listened!

"Loving Her" is getting a few more details added! I heard you loud and clear.  You wanted to know more about the characters.'s almost done.  If you've already bought it, you'll be able to download the new edition for free.  Give me a week to get it to you.  :)

Also, stay tuned for "Paradise Taken #2's" title release!  

Working on "Jake"

Deadlines to meet....working hard on Jake tonight and all day tomorrow. Maybe I'll prep a little teaser this week. I've missed him. Filling in the holes for you. I think you'll be happy! Hmm....

Winner's Circle!

The winners of the giveaway have been notified! :) If it wasn't you, don't worry. I'm doing another raffle in a few weeks....right around Thanksgiving! I love to give prizes! :)


"Loving Her" is getting a little 'touch-up!' Stay tuned..... ;)