Synopsis : Saving Us (Paradise Taken #2)

Our love affair wasn't what everyone wanted it to be.  It was raw and full of absolute joy and unbelievable pain.  

My love for another woman had consumed me for years and now that Kaye was mine, I wasn’t ever letting her go.  I knew the consequences of our affair would be devastating to our families, but I was too selfish to walk away. 

My beautiful Kaye was having my baby and we were determined to get our happily ever after....until one day, one event, one conversation changed it all.

"I had to know what went wrong.  My stomach was sick with grief and I didn't know what to do next or even how to help Kaye. 

I needed to get to her.

It didn't matter what Rob or Claire thought.  No one could stop me from going.  I knew
she needed me.  I could feel it deep in my soul."   Jake

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