Teaser #3...Meet the kids...

Hi.  My name is Matt Devine.  I’m Jake’s seventeen year old son.  I love my dad, but I’m so pissed at him.  He betrayed all of us, strained my friendship with Rob and Kaye’s kids and completely humiliated my mom.   I will protect her with everything I have and NO ONE will hurt her.  

I’m Jenna.  This is my brother Jon.  He’s kinda quiet.  We are Jake’s fourteen year old twins.  I love my daddy so much, but I'm confused about everything.  I feel really confused about Ms Kaye’s baby.  I know it will be a brother or sister to me, but what does that mean for us….for my mom.  Jon is really angry.  I don’t know how to help him.  I just want to love my daddy and forget the other stuff.


I’m Grey Cannon.  Well, Greyson is my real name.  I’m seventeen and Matt Devine is my best friend.  This shit with our parents sucks.  I’m angry at my mom, furious with Jake and really confused about my dad.  He’s way too calm for what's happening to our family.  I will NEVER take it out on Matt, Jenna, Jon or Ms Claire.  EVER!

I’m Jax…Jaxon Cannon.  I’m fifteen.  My best friend is Jon Devine and my life sucks right now. I want to be mad and hate my mom and Jake, but can’t.  I’m Mom’s protector and she’s mine too.  

Hello.  I’m Morgan.  I’m Kaye’s fourteen year old daughter…her only daughter and I love my mama.  We have an incredible relationship and nothing could ever change that….not even a new baby, her love for Mr. Jake or anything my dad wants to do to them.  I’ve heard him talking about his hatred and it scares me.  I don’t feel safe sometimes and I tell my brothers.  I trust them to protect me….always.   My dad doesn't understand my faith in my mom, but I don’t care. 

Oh, and I love Jon Devine….he’s dreamy!  

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