Valentine Scene...Jake and Kaye

I couldn’t stand it.  

I wanted to spend the day with him…naked in our bed at the villa.  But, as the hours slowly ticked away, that possibility was looking slimmer and slimmer.  

Just as I was pulling into my driveway, I got a text.

Meet me.  Now.

Oh God.  My whole body tingled with so much excitement, I could barely type a response.


You know where.  I’m walking through the door…hurry.


Yep…you will be…

Well, damn!

I backed out of the drive and tried like hell not to speed.

I pulled into the parking lot exactly seven minutes later and nearly jumped out of the driver’s seat before I remembered to put the car in park and turn it off.  Jake and I had been together for months, but my body responded like it was the first time…every time.  Maybe it was the secrecy.  Maybe it was the excitement and adrenaline.  Maybe it was just the fact that I was crazy in love with him.

I quietly turned the knob and opened the front door.  Everything was dark, except for two small candles lit right at the entrance of the hallway.  

I shut the door and slowly made my way down the hall.  As soon as I stepped throughout the door to our bedroom, I saw him.  


“Took you too long.”

“Really?!?  ‘Cause, I nearly killed myself getting here to you.”  He was laying on the bed, still fully clothed in a black t-shirt and jeans. I started moving toward him.


I stopped just a few feet from the edge of the bed.  Jake stood up and took a few steps, closing the gap between us.  He didn’t touch me.  He looked into my eyes and let a small, wicked smile form on his lips.

I didn’t move.  Two could play this game.  

“I’ve missed you.”  His voice was a low, sexy whisper.

“You saw me a few days ago, Jake.”


“And…I missed you too.”

I barely got the words out before Jake slammed his mouth onto mine.  His grip in my hair was almost painful as he held my head to his.  I loved the way he caressed my tongue with his…like he was savoring every moment of the memories we were making.  I gently pushed his chest and forced him to move backwards toward the bed.  

When the back of his legs hit the edge, Jake fell back, taking me with him and breaking our kiss. “Eager, babe?”

“Maybe.”  I stared into his beautiful blue eyes for a few seconds before I sat up, straddling him.  I reached for the hem of his t-shirt and gave it a tug.  Jake sat up so I could pull it over his head then wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck as I threw his shirt on the floor.  I rubbed my hands up and down his back and let out a small moan when he nipped my earlobe.

“I’m so glad you're here.  I need to touch every…kiss…single…kiss…part…kiss…of…kiss…you…kiss.”


“Shh…”  He slipped his hands under the bottom edge of my shirt and leaned back just far enough to lift and remove it.  He kissed my chest then the edge of one breast as his hands worked to release the clasp of my bra.

As it slipped down my body, Jake cupped both breasts and started rubbing his thumbs across my nipples.  “Feels too good…” 

I didn't have long to take in the sensation.  He flipped us over and slammed me down onto my back, hovering over me and pinning my arms above my head.  I squealed, making him smile.  He leaned down and covered my left breast with his incredible mouth and started sucking.  I arched by body, trying to get closer to him since my hands were useless.  

He hummed against my sensitive skin and I thought I was going to completely melt from the sensation.  “Jake, please…”

He didn’t respond…well, not with words.  He moved his mouth to the other breast and continued  his incredible torture.  I felt his hips start to grind against mine with the same rhythm as his mouth.  We were both still dressed from the waist down and the friction of my jeans as his rock hard cock rubbed right against my clit felt pretty damned amazing.  

I wanted to wrap my legs around him, but the weight of his body and the position he was laying made it impossible.  He was in complete control of me…and I loved it.  

My breathing was getting heavier as I felt my body moving closer and closer to my release.  I didn’t want to come like that…I wanted him inside me.  “Jake.  Not.  Like. This.”

He released my breast and leaned up, putting his forehead on mine.  “Yes.  Like. This.”  He pushed his hips harder against me.  “Even have dressed and barely touching, our bodies crave each other…feel it, Kaye.”

I stared back, then blinked slowly.  “I feel it, Jake.  I want more.”

“I know.  Not yet, baby.”  

I moved my head to try to kiss his mouth, but he stayed where he was, just out of my reach and grinned. “Jake!  Kiss me.”

“No.  I want to see you…watch your face when you come, then I’ll kiss you.”  He was so sexy.

I closed my eyes and relaxed into the feelings taking over my body.  

Jake started whispering.  

“You are so beautiful.”

“Every inch of you responds to me.”

“We belong together…you belong with me.”

“I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“I love you.”

I couldn’t say anything.  

“Let go, baby.  Then, I’ll strip you bare and push deep inside and make love to you over and over.”  

That was all it took.  I felt the rush of my orgasm start in my toes and crawl all over my heated body.  I opened my eyes to see Jake staring at me, his eyes dilated…full of his own desire and I fell over the edge, moaning his name and coming hard.  

Before I had a chance to even catch my breath, I felt Jake release my hands and move away.  I was about to protest when I realized he was unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down my legs.  I wiggled to help get them off and then watched as he did the same with his own. 

Roughly, Jake pushed my legs wide apart and he slammed into me.  I gasped and his mouth covered mine and his tongue took control. 

My body, still revved up from my orgasm moments before, moved with his.  The feel of Jake inside me was still so new and amazing.  It was as if my body had been waiting for his…we were perfectly matched.  From the simplest touch to our heated love-making, our bodies craved each other.  

I lifted my hands to his face and pushed against his cheeks to get him to look at me.  He stopped kissing me and stilled his body as he looked at me with concern and confusion.  I quickly said, “I love you.  I just wanted to see you…watch you.”  

A slight smile played across Jake’s lips and I felt his cock jerk inside me.  He thrust a few times, then came hard with a huge shutter that had him dropping his head to mine and closing his eyes.  I felt every bit of him release into me and the thought and feel of it caused my body to respond with its own euphoric shutter.  

We stayed wrapped like that for several minutes as our breaths slowed to normal.  Jake rolled us over to our sides, never releasing his hold on me and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.  I love you, baby.”

That was it…I gave everything over to him.  

I was his and there was no denying it.

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