Teaser #3


I hadn’t planned on staying.  Hell, I hadn't even planned on wrapping my arms around her as we stood there in the living room.  But she had me—owned me and didn’t even know it.  She was the other half I’d been missing and it thrilled me and scared the holy shit out of me at the same time.  I didn’t want to screw it up.  I wanted to be worthy of being in her life.  It was complicated, especially with having kids.  But I knew the minute she called me after getting my gift that she was going to somehow be mine.  And [her] response to me was more than I could have asked for.  She wanted me as much as I wanted her.  Crazy?  Yep.  It was crazy the way we were tuned to each other after such a short time. 

I hoped that our trip to Temecula would be smooth and that when her kids came back from Texas that my sexy [girl] was just the same.  I worried about that, actually.  I didn’t know what it was like to have children, but I knew enough to know that in situations like ours, it could make or break a relationship.  

First thing in the morning, I was changing our rooms from two to one.  I had a feeling she might be okay with it.  God let’s hope so.  


We curled up next to each other all night.  Our passion didn’t progress past the amazingly hot kissing, although I could feel what it was doing to him.  

Derek had turned me away from him after a while and held me tightly until we both fell asleep.

The morning sun wasn’t what woke me up.  It was the stiff, rock hard feeling behind me.  My heart swelled with the hope that I had maybe found someone who understood me.  

I wiggled a little to see if he was awake.  

“Oh, sweet girl, don’t do that.  I need a minute.”

“You’re awake?”

“Have been for a while.  But I couldn’t force myself to get up.  You feel too good.”

“Derek.”  I closed my eyes and pushed back on him just a little.

“Please.  Don’t do that unless you want me to forget that I’m a gentleman.”

I wanted him.  I wasn’t some young, stupid twenty-something girl.   I was capable of making sound decisions and living with the consequences.  

“I want you.”  I'd finally admitted it.

Teaser #2 from "Her" Book as promised!

Teaser #2   - Derek

I pulled in just as Engine 40 was about to roll out.  I tossed my crutches, grabbed a jacket and pair of boots and climbed on board.  A few of the guys raised their eyebrows questioningly.  “Don’t fucking ask.  Just let me ride along assholes.”  They all laughed and a few clapped me on the back.  I shook my head and immediately felt better among my brothers.

It was a shitty call to ride along on.  The house fire in Rancho Peñasquitos was out of control.  Three people were unaccounted for and I only had minimal equipment on me to help.  Before I knew it, an explosion rocked the whole block, all hell broke loose and everyone scrambled to protect themselves and anyone around them.  

The last thing I heard was my name being called before everything went black.

So, I promised a teaser...

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Tiny Tiny Teaser for "Her" book!

Teaser…#1  Her

It wasn’t fair.

No one ever said life would be.  

He was no longer mine. 

I’d always hoped building a life with me and our kids would be enough.  It wasn’t.

A part of me was glad it was over…a tiny part.  

I’d spent years waiting for the other shoe to drop, expecting him to one day walk through our front door and tell me he was leaving…that he was done pretending to love me.  But instead, I got a big fat slap in the face and a knife shoved right through my heart.  

Now, I was starting over, moving on. 

I certainly didn’t need a man to fulfill my life, but I wasn’t going to sit around wasting time either.  I’d spent my whole adult life being second…taking whatever he had left to give me…and I was done! 

I deserved to be someone’s first…someone’s only…someone’s love of their life.  

And someone found me.

I knew very little about her before I showed up for my session.  But in the span of an hour, I learned plenty of big details that were pretty damn eye-opening.  

She was kind.

She was funny.

She was recently divorced.

She hated being alone.
We’d only known each other a short time, but we were friends…more than friends, I’d say.  

She didn’t know it yet, but I had plans.  And she was at the very core of them…all of them.  

My Claire.

Proceed with caution! I'm complaining...

I have a complaint...

As a reader, I first read the synopsis of whatever book I'm interested in.  If I like it, I proceed to download the FREE sample of the book (it's usually 15-20% of the book).  If I don't like the sample, I don't buy...don't waste my time.

This is my complaint...

It's pretty damn obvious what my book Paradise Taken is about.  It's also based on truth, on real life shit!  So when a reader RIPS it to shreds saying over and over that they HATE books about cheating, I have to wonder if they read any of the free parts or are they just climbing on their moral high horse trying to play God with their little 1 star?!?!?

One reader bitched and bitched about wanting her HEA!  She obviously didn't take the time to read the second book.

THINK, people, THINK!!!  Use that wonderful brain God gave you.  If you don't like the sample, walk the "F" away!  No one is 'strong-arming' you to buy and read the books.

That is all! :)