Teaser #2 from "Her" Book as promised!

Teaser #2   - Derek

I pulled in just as Engine 40 was about to roll out.  I tossed my crutches, grabbed a jacket and pair of boots and climbed on board.  A few of the guys raised their eyebrows questioningly.  “Don’t fucking ask.  Just let me ride along assholes.”  They all laughed and a few clapped me on the back.  I shook my head and immediately felt better among my brothers.

It was a shitty call to ride along on.  The house fire in Rancho Peñasquitos was out of control.  Three people were unaccounted for and I only had minimal equipment on me to help.  Before I knew it, an explosion rocked the whole block, all hell broke loose and everyone scrambled to protect themselves and anyone around them.  

The last thing I heard was my name being called before everything went black.


Jammie said...

Your going to make me crazy with these fabulous teasers!! I need to read this book yesterday!

Jenn Green said...

SQUEEEE!!!! xoxo LOVE YOU <3