Teaser #3


I hadn’t planned on staying.  Hell, I hadn't even planned on wrapping my arms around her as we stood there in the living room.  But she had me—owned me and didn’t even know it.  She was the other half I’d been missing and it thrilled me and scared the holy shit out of me at the same time.  I didn’t want to screw it up.  I wanted to be worthy of being in her life.  It was complicated, especially with having kids.  But I knew the minute she called me after getting my gift that she was going to somehow be mine.  And [her] response to me was more than I could have asked for.  She wanted me as much as I wanted her.  Crazy?  Yep.  It was crazy the way we were tuned to each other after such a short time. 

I hoped that our trip to Temecula would be smooth and that when her kids came back from Texas that my sexy [girl] was just the same.  I worried about that, actually.  I didn’t know what it was like to have children, but I knew enough to know that in situations like ours, it could make or break a relationship.  

First thing in the morning, I was changing our rooms from two to one.  I had a feeling she might be okay with it.  God let’s hope so.  


We curled up next to each other all night.  Our passion didn’t progress past the amazingly hot kissing, although I could feel what it was doing to him.  

Derek had turned me away from him after a while and held me tightly until we both fell asleep.

The morning sun wasn’t what woke me up.  It was the stiff, rock hard feeling behind me.  My heart swelled with the hope that I had maybe found someone who understood me.  

I wiggled a little to see if he was awake.  

“Oh, sweet girl, don’t do that.  I need a minute.”

“You’re awake?”

“Have been for a while.  But I couldn’t force myself to get up.  You feel too good.”

“Derek.”  I closed my eyes and pushed back on him just a little.

“Please.  Don’t do that unless you want me to forget that I’m a gentleman.”

I wanted him.  I wasn’t some young, stupid twenty-something girl.   I was capable of making sound decisions and living with the consequences.  

“I want you.”  I'd finally admitted it.


Unknown said...

Omg, I'm in love with this already, can't wait for the whole book...it's awesome CM Hutton

Unknown said...

woohoo.... great teaser.

CM Hutton said...

Thank you, ladies! Trying to wrap it up, but keep thinking of more things I want to say....