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WOW!  Well, you are in for a treat!  Monday is a book blitz for Honest Love and I'm giving away signed copies of my books....TUNE IN!  :)


Hope you're enjoying Honest Love!  Go grab your copy!

Don't forget, Paradise Taken is FREE, but only until next week!


Paradise Taken is FREE on all sites!!!!!!

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Honest Love is going LIVE today on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble!!!!


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JUNE 23rd!!!!

"Honest Love" is coming to you on June 23rd!!!
Come meet Claire's fella, Derek London.

Release Date for Honest Love???

So, I'm trying to have a release date for Honest Love on June 23rd.

I am having a one day 'blitz' with Amanda at Good Choice Reading that day and I think it would be fabulous if it all coincided.

Don't you?

I want desperately for you to meet Derek.

He's dethroned my Jake.  :)

Hi ya!

"Thinking, thinking!  What should CM give away on her release day?  No, it can't be me.  But you sure are cute to ask.  Thanks for loving me."

Derek London (Honest Love)