Prologue for Jason London...

My life had been a fucking nightmare.

My younger brother, the former NFL player turned firefighter, had been severely injured and on death’s door, as a matter of fact.  We’d been held hostage at the hospital for weeks.  His bride-to-be, Claire was one of the strongest women I’d ever known…aside from my mom and Lori Ann.  Actually, they were probably all about equal in their feminine strength.

Shit…Lori Ann.  I needed to call her back.

Thankfully, Derek pulled through, married the love of his life and they were expecting a baby.  I was really happy for him.  My little brother had seen more hard times than I cared to mention and he’d finally found happiness with a woman that was pretty incredible.  Claire had been through her own share of shit and had risen above it.  I was in awe of the woman and loved her as fiercely as I did one of my blood family members.  

Truthfully, seeing Derek find his soul mate, at the age of 35, made me jealous.  I was his older brother.  And although 37 wasn’t that old, I felt ancient.  Perhaps, it was due to the stress of holding us all together these last few weeks while we watched Derek struggle for his life.  Maybe it was the ache I felt seeing him so happy.  

I’d dated plenty of girls.  

They were nice, kind…some a little kinky, but not one of them held my heart…held my soul in their hands.  

Only one had that privilege and she was already taken.  


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