Jason London...Newest Teaser #5

Around 3am, I heard a noise in the hallway.  I sat perfectly still and waited.  Then, the fire alarm sounded and everything went from quiet to chaos in a single heartbeat.  “What the hell?”  I bolted out of bed and made my way in the dark toward Craig, who was looking through the peephole.  “What do you see?”

“Sleepy-ass people making their way to the stairwell.  But no smoke, no other signs.”

“Should we go?”

“No.”  His curt answer had me alarmed.  

“Why?  What are you thinking, man?”

“Doesn’t feel right.  Something’s off.  Trust me.”  I wanted to trust Craig, but I was worried about Lori Ann.  

“Are you sure?”

“No.”  I waited a few seconds then started to walk away from Craig as he still peered out the tiny hole.  “Psst.  Wait,” he whispered, holding up his hand.  “Shh,” he said as he put his finger up to his lips.  I stopped in my tracks, holding my breath.  Then, his low, menacing voice said, “Yes.  There you are, motherfucker.”  Craig’s whisper sent chills down my spine.  “Jace.”

“Yeah?”  I whispered.  

“Don’t make a sound.  Go tell Lori Ann not to even breathe.  I can see...someone who doesn’t belong.”  Shit!

Teaser #4 - Jason London

"The emotions of the last several hours had me on edge.  Lori Ann was visibly shaken by our turn of events from the night before and I didn't know what the hell to do.  The Italian was looking for her...for us and we were stuck in a country with no support, no weapons and no clue as to how we were getting home."


Jason London Teaser #3


Lori Ann...
I let Jason just hold me as the stress of the last few days overwhelmed me and I cried.  I could feel how tense he was and see the worry in both his and Craig’s eyes about my multiple injuries and our tricky departure from Italy.  It was true that my husband Antonio’s arms stretched far and wide across a large portion of the country.  We just needed to get on a plane as soon as possible and get back to The States.  

“Jace, what will we do if we can’t get on a flight today?”  I didn’t lift my head as I asked the question.  

Jason’s hand rubbed up and down the small portion of my left arm not covered in a cast as he held me firmly, but gently so he didn't cause anymore hurt to my broken body.  Then, kissing the top of my head, he said, “We’ll keep you safe, baby.  If we have to find a place to sleep tonight we will, but Craig and I won’t let anything happen to you.”


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Teaser Tuesday - Jason London

 I knew everything about my Lori Ann.  She was tall, about 5’9” had long dark hair, giant blue eyes and the longest legs I’d ever seen.  She’d been a swimmer in college so those damn legs were killer.  She was smart and sarcastic, which was just perfect for me.  She loved old movies and red wine.  Her favorite band was Bon Jovi, which I constantly gave her shit about, and she was a great dancer.  I knew lots more too…like where she was ticklish, what her favorite color was and where she’d had her first kiss.  I was pretty pathetic.  But she’d been my best friend for years and I had no doubt she knew just as much about me as I did about her.  

I walked into my house after a long day at work.  Lori Ann had been on my mind for a few weeks.  I’d ignored the need to return her call while we all waited to make sure my brother Derek was ‘out of the woods’ and home.  And as his healing progressed, I started to feel desperate to call her back, but the rock in the pit of my stomach delayed me from doing it.  Her voice, that incredible voice, was full of concern and something else…something different, a sadness I’d never heard before.

Lori Ann and I had kept in close contact over the fifteen years since college, even taken some trips together and spent a few holidays with each of our families.  We were really close.  But I hadn’t heard a peep out of her for almost a year and I tried not to push since she was a married woman.  

“Hey, Jase.  How are you?  How is Derek?  You know I keep up with you guys, even from Italy.  Please tell me he’s okay.  Will you call me back?  I know it’s been a long time…and I’m sorry.  I should have called you.  Things are just a little…well, I just should have called.”  She paused. “But I really need to hear your voice…please, Jason.  Call me back.”

I’d listened to it at least ten times and every time the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  Not only because I missed her, but because something was wrong.  I just couldn’t figure it out.  So, tonight was the night to put my feelings and pride aside, pick up the damn phone and call her back.  

I dialed her international number.  Ringing.  Ringing.


I knew her sweet voice immediately.  “So, want to tell me what’s going on and why you’ve been avoiding me for the last year?”

"Jason!" She gasped and whispered my name.