Jason London...Newest Teaser #5

Around 3am, I heard a noise in the hallway.  I sat perfectly still and waited.  Then, the fire alarm sounded and everything went from quiet to chaos in a single heartbeat.  “What the hell?”  I bolted out of bed and made my way in the dark toward Craig, who was looking through the peephole.  “What do you see?”

“Sleepy-ass people making their way to the stairwell.  But no smoke, no other signs.”

“Should we go?”

“No.”  His curt answer had me alarmed.  

“Why?  What are you thinking, man?”

“Doesn’t feel right.  Something’s off.  Trust me.”  I wanted to trust Craig, but I was worried about Lori Ann.  

“Are you sure?”

“No.”  I waited a few seconds then started to walk away from Craig as he still peered out the tiny hole.  “Psst.  Wait,” he whispered, holding up his hand.  “Shh,” he said as he put his finger up to his lips.  I stopped in my tracks, holding my breath.  Then, his low, menacing voice said, “Yes.  There you are, motherfucker.”  Craig’s whisper sent chills down my spine.  “Jace.”

“Yeah?”  I whispered.  

“Don’t make a sound.  Go tell Lori Ann not to even breathe.  I can see...someone who doesn’t belong.”  Shit!

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