Life of a Fool -- Teaser #8

Lori Ann --

I grew up in an incredibly loving home.  The only child of second generation immigrants from a small town in Italy.  My grandparents, my father’s parents, had had an arranged marriage, which I always thought was completely crazy, but my grandmother used to tell me how much she respected my grandfather even from the beginning.  She’d told me that together, they'd made the decision to leave Italy, immigrate to the United States and start a life here, away from all the traditions of their families.  They wanted to love each other, start fresh.  And few years into their marriage, she said she fell head over heels for her husband.  My grandfather used to get the biggest grin on his face when she’d tell the story.  He’d shrug his shoulders and say, “What’s not to love?  Look at me.”  Then, he’d laugh, walk to my grandmother and kiss her so tenderly just before giving her a swat on the ass.  

Of course, my grandmother would chastise his behavior, but always with a slight smirk and a wink.  So in love and committed, they died within hours of each other, during their sleep not long after Antonio and I married.  

I always thought I'd find that kind of love.  What a fool...

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