Steamy Teaser! (#9 Bath Time)

Jason... (Bath Time)

I first took her right arm, holding her hand in one of mine, then slowly rubbed the bubbles from her wrist to her shoulder in one long motion before making a slight twist and washing the underside as I brought my hand back to her wrist.  She watched my hand, then looked at my face as I kept my eyes trained on her arm.  I laid her arm down in the water and used my hands to scoop water and rinse her arm before I squirted a little more soap into my hands and started on her shoulders and the top of her left arm — the one with the cast.  

I moved to kneel at the end of the tub where her shoulders were resting, then took my soapy hands and massaged Lori Ann’s shoulders and neck.  She let out a moan as my hands worked the tension out of her.  I leaned forward and whispered into her ear.  “I love touching you, baby.”

“Feels so good, Jace.  More, please.”  

“Yes, more.”  I pushed my hands further onto her chest, right above her beautiful breasts, but didn’t touch them as I made small circles.  She let out a groan when I removed my touch in order to get more soap.  “Shh…,”  I whispered.

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