Teaser Tuesday! Enjoy...

Teaser #6 - Lori Ann

The men on the other side of the door were speaking Italian.  

I listened and translated most of what I heard to Jason and Craig, but not all.  I didn’t need them knowing the sick, twisted shit that my husband told Johnny he was going to do to me when he and his men dragged me back to our house.  I fought like hell not to show my fear and it worked.  Jason was too busy forming a plan with Craig to notice that I was close to fainting or at least throwing up.  Hearing those familiar voices, ones that were once my protectors, speak so coldly about me, made me ill. 

In that moment, I knew two things were certain:
1.)  If they caught me and I was forced back to Antonio, I’d be dead in a week.
2.)  I’d never, ever let them take me.

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