New Years Teaser....

Teaser #2

Lynne showed up.  

Just the sound of her voice made me want to kill someone.  She’d heard about Tina.  She was the hospital PR rep and needed a statement…along with a dose of conciliation that she was better, more amicable and not at all hurt by me for rejecting her.  I didn't buy her act for even a second.  

She pretended she was there to comfort me.  How the fuck did she think she was going to comfort me?  She obviously thought it was nothing more than sex with Tina.  I wasn't going to explain lifestyle or my relationships to Lynne or anyone else.   But because of what happened, because I was the last to see Tina, here Lynne was, in my face, wanting a statement.  

So, Lynne would get one.  But it wouldn’t be what she thought.  And Tina wouldn't be touched by her nasty, venomous game.

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