Synopsis for London Brothers Book #3

Without Peace
Kyle London’s Story
(expected release date Summer 2015)


Everyone thought they were so smart.  I wasn’t doing all the love and marriage thing.  I was happy with my life.  And tired of my brothers, my sister and my parents hinting at me falling in love and settling down.  Really?

Hell, no.  I realized I was the talk of the hospital.  Everyone speculated how many nurses I’d slept with, but I didn’t care.  There weren’t that many.  In reality, I only enjoyed the company of a few.  The others knew what it was…one night, nothing else.  I wasn’t settling down any time soon—or ever.

There were only a few things I really cared about…my parents, my sister and brothers, and my job.  That was it.  I was a damn good doctor.  Good sibling?  Well, maybe not so much.  But they loved me regardless.  I was comfortable.  I was happy.  Life was good.  

Until one day, one event changed my whole life.  The dam of emotions that opened in me were unbelievably painful and overwhelmingly raw.  And I hated it.  Hated every fucking bit of it.  And the helplessness I felt, nearly destroyed me—and her.

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