Teaser #4 Without Peace

I couldn’t get to her—couldn’t see what had happened, but I knew it was bad.  I was going out of my fucking mind.  I needed to touch her, to know that she was okay…that she was going to be okay.  There was no other option.  

Dear God, help her.

She was mine.  
She was mine.  
She was mine.  

Teaser for Kyle London..."What the hell?!?!"


He'd been sick for days.  I wanted to do more to let him know I cared, but there was such a fine line drawn in our "relationship," so I was afraid to do too much.  He wouldn't like me treating him like a child.  

So, I did what I knew to do where we were concerned.  I snuck into Kyle's house and crawled into bed with him---naked.  I curled myself around his fevered body and kissed just his shoulder.  "I'm here,"  I whispered.  "Sleep, love."

He took a deep, relaxing breath.  "Thank you, Baby Girl.  I needed you."  

I gasped at his sentiment.  Baby Girl...what the hell?!?  Delirious or not, no one was aloud to call me that.

I was in over my head with Kyle London.