Teaser for Kyle London..."What the hell?!?!"


He'd been sick for days.  I wanted to do more to let him know I cared, but there was such a fine line drawn in our "relationship," so I was afraid to do too much.  He wouldn't like me treating him like a child.  

So, I did what I knew to do where we were concerned.  I snuck into Kyle's house and crawled into bed with him---naked.  I curled myself around his fevered body and kissed just his shoulder.  "I'm here,"  I whispered.  "Sleep, love."

He took a deep, relaxing breath.  "Thank you, Baby Girl.  I needed you."  

I gasped at his sentiment.  Baby Girl...what the hell?!?  Delirious or not, no one was aloud to call me that.

I was in over my head with Kyle London.

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